These poems are dedicated to ALL My Silent BFFs...for all those who will be waiting for us on the other side. MyBFF feels blessed to have known you.

March 25th, 2014:

♡This sweet sweet sweet 20 year old girl decided it was time for her to go home over the Rainbow Bridge last night. This is the last picture of her taken just a few days ago. She had been holding on for several months now. I am glad she was able to wait for her mama to come home so they could have some more time before she went. She was a very sweet old Friend and was very loved and well taken cared of by her mama! She lived a great life! 20 years old is as good age for a kitty to live. I wish they could all live longer. RIP sweet "Moggy".

The Angels came to take My very own Sweet BFF "Blondie" on Christmas Eve 2013  just before midnight. This little cat "adopted" me and taught me about unconditional love. She was extremely smart and sweet! This was our first Christmas together and we were able to celebrate it early since I was to be working. I am so glad we had that chance! She loved the Holiday and the tree, toys, and treats. RIP sweet girl. You are missed terribly.
And God asked the feline spirit
"Are you ready to come home?"

"Oh, yes, quite so," replied the precious soul.
"And as a cat, you know I am most able...
To decide anything for myself."

"Are you coming then?" asked God
"Soon," replied the whiskered angel.
"But I must come slowly
My human friends are troubled
For You see, they need me, quite certainly."

"But don't they understand?" asked God,
"That you will never leave them?
That your souls are intertwined, for all eternity,
That nothing is created or destroyed,
It just is... forever and ever and ever?"

"Eventually they will understand," replied the cat,
"For I will whisper in their hearts - that I am always with them
I just am... forever and ever and ever."

SEPTEMBER 2013: Sweet LOVE TY went to sleep with the Angels. Ty was a very sweet doggy and fulfilled her purpose here on Earth thru her therapy. She was a trained "therapy dog." She also had it in her naturally. Thank You Ty's mom for trusting me for so many years. I had the honor of knowing her and caring for her this Angel for almost 8 years and will miss her sweet personality.


"Thank You Lori for taking such great care of Ty over the years."-Ty's mom

August 2013 Sweet Zoey. I knew her for a long time and had the honor of being there in her last Breaths.

July 2013:


This is sweet Cinnamon. She was a very good girl and she lived to to be 14 1/2 years old and was very loved by her family. She is very missed. RIP sweet girl.

2013: This is sweet MOTOR.

 She lived to be a great age of 20 years old. They named her "Motor" b/c she was found in the motor of a car. Her nick name was the "The Miracle Cat", b/c she lived through so much in her 20 years:)


This was a sweet outdoor kitty named Francis. I took care of her for quite some time. Although she was an outdoor kitty, sometimes she would come up and snuggle with me and let me take pictures of her.

Feb. 2013:

Sweet old "Dude". Although I only knew him a short time, I was glad to care for him in his last days. He was a strong kitty cat.

Pretty "Babe" went over the rainbow Bridge Jan 31, 2013. She was over 16 years old and very loved also.
October 22nd. 2012; Our sweet Ginger went over the Rainbow Bridge today to wait for us on the other side. She brought so much joy to all who loved her!




Sweet Charlie: Oct 6th, 2012. Crossed the Rainbow Bridge


Navi and Gracie



Frosty (on right)

Angel (far right)


For those I have Pet sat for whom I do not have photos of........gone but not forgotten....Meow Meow, Sam, Daisey, Cagney, Winnie, Shadow, Socks, Cocoa....and sparkles. Sleep with the angels.
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