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Planning a Long trip during Hurricane Season?





*My BFF pet Sitting cares about your pets & their well being and safety is of utmost importance! Please note if you wish to book long term  pet care during this time, A safety plan will need to be in place for your pet before any bookings will be accepted.*


I know no one wants to think about this when planning a trip in your already busy schedule. In order to protect the absolute safety of your pets, It is the duty of any pet care professional to have an emergency weather plan in place. Hurricanes can be a serious threat to your pets and your home and can develop quickly.


 My BFF Pet Sitting  abides by an Emergency Weather plan regarding pet care during Hurricane Season. The reason for this is to ensure the safety of your pets as much as humanly possible should a natural disaster such as a hurricane strike while you are away from your precious animals.


In the event that a Hurricane hits, I too will have to ready my own home and care for my pets to be sure they are safe.


I say “let’s pray for the best and prepare for the worst.” I know no one wants to think of this when planning your trip and that it is a lot to do in an already busy schedule.


My BFF Pet Sitting respectfully chooses not take any long term bookings during the Hurricane months where client is out of the country and these plans are not in place.


I thank you for your cooperation in this as I have a policy which requires one of a few  things while you are out of town during Hurricane Season to ensure the safety of your home and pets.

First: A completed emergency procedures form be filled out and signed. I will bring one to consultation and/or can email ahead of time for you to review.



Keep an eye on the Weather Channel for any approaching storms and plan accordingly!


If it looks like we are going to be impacted, please plan to return home 48 hours prior to landfall to ready your home for the storm and to evacuate with your pets if needed.


Roads will be busy with traffic.


Sometimes returning home is not possible! Flights may be cancelled after that window of time! If you are unable for any reason to return home you MUST have a reliable & responsible friend or relative available to ready your home and be a backup person to care for and/or evacuate your animals. I will not be able to put up shutters on homes, lift and secure heavy objects, shop for and gather necessary supplies if a storm is coming as I will be busy ensuring the safety of my home and pets. Due to the unpredictability of hurricanes it is mandatory to have this plan in place in the event of damage so severe that I may not be able to continue care for your pets in the aftermath. This is something every person leaving Florida for long periods of time needs to have prepared BEFORE going away, especially if you are going out of the country.


Experience during Irene and Wilma, where I was flooded into my home and lost electricity for two weeks has forced me to be quite strict with this policy. This is very important! If your pet is to remain in home safely, I will leave food and water until I can return. Please know if AC goes out and roads are flooded, they may be stuck in the home with no air or water. This is where a trusted neighbor close by can come in handy. Also, maintenance men and handy men can help if they are able to get to your home. Please be sure you are stocked up on food and water for your pets, medicines, flashlights, etc. and that your pets records are readily available in a plastic bag and pet carrier or cage.


Communication can also be disrupted as everyone is overloading cell phone towers, so texting vs. actual phone calls may be the only way to contact each other.


 Mandatory Evacuation areas: Some areas and communities in Florida are “mandatory evacuations.” If you live in one of these areas, please have a pet safe shelter reserved for your pets before leaving. Sometimes they require a non refundable nights deposit to hold pets spot, but if something hits while you are away, u will be glad you did this. Also, these places require pets be up to date on vaccines, etc. I will transport pets if able, however it is best to have a friend or relative help in case this is not possible. Please be sure you are stocked up on food and water, flashlights, medicines, etc. and that your pet’s records, food, toys, leash, are readily available in a plastic bag and pet carrier or cage.


If you think that you cannot return home for whatever reason in this scenario, and you absolutely have NO BACKUP person that is reliable, you may want to re-think vacation plans during hurricane season.


If you are new to this area please become familiar with how to prepare for these dangerous storms! You really don’t know the impact these storms can have until you go thru one or two!  Please note, the choice is yours, however please know that My BFF Pet Sitting will not accept any bookings during Hurricane season where these preparations have not been made.

At consultation, My BFF Pet Sitting will leave an "Emergency Weather Form" to be filled out before booking.
Also please visit Helpful links page for a sample of a Hurricane HELPFUL links prep kit for your pet.
Thank You for preparing and planning ahead!