"I highly recommend her!"

- Pamela G.

Client Testimonials - Satisfied Repeat Clients for Years!





"I would recommend her to anyone needed a pet cared for."-Peter S.
"If you need walking or in home care My BFF services with Laura G. is the only way to go!!!!”- Sharon S.
“It is our pleasure to give you and your company the highest and utmost recommendation."- Steve & Kathy G.

"Your the Best!"

-Nancy V.

A Thank You card from 3 of My BFFs and their parents! Thanks Peanut, Clarise, and Bandit!

My BFF is a Boynton Beach based  service providing quality pet sitting, cat sitting, overnight pet sitting, and dog walking.

Client Testimonials - Satisfied Repeat Clients for Years!


  • Ana Nov 16, 2012


    Lori G. is an amazing individual who has a huge heart for the animals she takes care of! She is extremely loving, gentle, and kind and does this type of work primarily because she is passionate about the well being of every living creature. I highly recommend Lori's services to anyone needing pet sitting services - she's truly a wonderful human being with a very tender, compassionate heart for animals, and you can rest assured and be at peace that your pets will be in TRULY incredibly good hands!-Ana C. Boynton



 "Lori has been our go-to pet sitter for almost two years now and we couldn't  be happier that we found her. We have two older poodles and she knows just how to handle their senior needs. We can now go away for a week or more and know that both our boys and our home are in the best of hands. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting the best possible care for their pets. We and our boys love her!

"Lori is the best. Whenever we are out of town, Lori is our go-to sitter. She know just how to handle our two older poodles and we always come home to happy boys and a spotless home!"-Susan and Alan S.- Lake Worth. FL


"Our babies were in the best hands with you- we never worried and felt so secure with your care!

Your passion for animals shows and we THANK YOU!

You rock!" ....Leigh M.


"We recently moved to FL, and we were very skeptical about doing so, partially because we were worried about our three min pins, one with special needs. We found Lori and she has been a tremendous help and allow us to travel for work and to complete the move. She is so good about sending pictures so we always know what is going on with our kids but also still feel close to them while we are on the road, missing them. We couldn't be happier with her service, and when it's taking care of our dogs, which we classify as our kids, that is real Important. Thanks so much for being there and giving our kids the same amount of love that we would have given them, while we are gone!"

 -Kristyn & Jay M. Boynton Beach, FL


"To everyone out there looking for a pet loving, hardworking, dependable and honest person: Lori is that person!
She is very flexible with my crazy schedule, always willing to come and help out at the last minute with an extra dog walk when ...I am in a bind, stuck at work (or play!) She is also the only one we would trust to stay at home with our pets when we are gone for a week end or for a week.
Lori you are
the best and I am so grateful of all you do for my peace of mind and loving our little menagerie of animals, especially Oscar and Ali!
Thank YOU!!"- Sophie G. Lantana, FL

A little boy's client testimonial:) By Christopher V.

 She's excellent.  She's very dependable, honest and loves animals.  Please give her a call. -A Referral from fellow pet Sitter! -Leslie C.


Sometimes words are just not enough to express the gratitude that I have for Laura & My BFF Petsitting. I pet sat my entire life, when my friends were baby sitting I was watching friends and neighbors animals. I decided to become a professional petsitter almost 10 years ago and leave my corporate job & career to do what I loved. In February of 2012 an offer was made for me to go back to a corporate career and I truly thought that I was going to have to turn it down because after interviewing every petsitter who I found (via business cards, PSI, word of mouth, et al.) I just couldn't find anyone with whom I would trust my own fur babies with, let alone feeling comfortable with my clients pets. Then the Sunday night before I had to give my decision I decided to Google petsitters and just take one last look. The rest is history and Lori has been such a blessing in the life of my "ex" clients as well as my own. We have become friends, she sends me pictures of all my furry clients that I miss terribly and it difficult to convey all the wonderful compliments that I receive from former clients about how fantastic she is! The second best scenario that came out of our meeting is I was able to have my career back and my husband & I are looking forward to planning our first vacation together and not having to worry about our babies because we know they will be loved, happy & it the best care imaginable. My BFF Petsitting is not just another petsitting service, it is the ONLY one my family trusts, my friends trust and most importantly my animals LOVE!
- Holly P. (formerly Pawsitively Purrfect Petcare)


"Our pets love when Laura comes to visit our home to take care of them. They enjoy her visit so much. It is so reassuring to know that everything is in such good hands when we leave including our active Golden Retriever, our cats, bird, fish, plants, and mail. Laura's considerate care always goes above and beyond and we always return to find our home even better than when we left. We highly recommend Laura Gens' pet sitting services and she really is a 'best friend' to all animals."

                               - Janet and Bob N., Boynton Beach, FL


“It is our pleasure to give you and your company the highest and utmost recommendation. We feel it's important to have someone we trust to take care of our cats. Even though we are down to just one cat now, we feel the best care was given to our whole family of furry friends when we were away. Thanks for your excellent service, professionalism, and love over the past 7 and a half years.”

-Steve & Kathy G.

"Our family refers to you as the Dog Whisperer!!!  You are an amazing lady Laura...it is an honor to be your friendNavigator loved you so much!!!  Gracie does too!"

- Sandi V.


"Thank you so much for the great care you take with our babies (Elvis,

Ozzie, Angel, Boomer)" - Wendy P.


"I'm so grateful for all the texts and attention you put into this week.  Especially after throwing a puppy into the mix...you did an awesome job and I really appreciate the way you left my house so amazingly and impeccably clean.  I am happy you took so

good care of them!  God Bless U!" - Love, Neke C., Lucy, and Shiloh


"Lucy and Shiloh wanted me to thank you for all the food and care this week!  Also

from me and ALL the great communication you had with me.  I'm very grateful!"

- Lots of Love, Neke C. and girls


"Thanks for always taking such great care of Navi and Gracie...they love it when your here with them." - Sandie V.


"Lori G. is THE most wonderful "babysitter" ever!!! She truly is the animal whisperer.....she loves and respects all of God's creatures, has a tremendously tender heart toward all living creatures and knows how to take care of them in a way that allows people to have total peace and full assurance that their "babies", be they of the canine, feline or any other critter variety, will be taken care of so well, so completely and this has always been my experience with Lori!! I am so grateful to have met you so many years ago now (how long has it been??) and I see you as a total blessing from God and I am honored to recommend your animal-sitting business to everyone who asks and I pray God blesses you and your business so abundantly that you will be beyond amazed at His love toward you my sweet sister in Christ!! I love you so very much my friend." - Ana C.


"Lori is the best! She has been taking care of our cat for many years.  She is the cat whisperer!!!!! She is so caring and trustworthy.  She has such a love for animals and animals love her.  Thank you Lori for everything you do!  You're the greatest!" - Marci I.


"Lori isn't just any pet sitter - she truly loves and respects animals.  I feel an immense sense of relief when she's taking care of my beloved cat because I know she will truly make her feel loved, which all animals need.  I highly recommend her!"

- Pamela G. 


"Lori has been watching my two Australian Shepherds for approximately six years when I need to travel. Not only do my dogs enjoy seeing her each time she watches them, I trust her in my home which is very important to me. I am quite selective as to who I will let watch my pets or be in my home when I am out town.. One of the things that Lori does I find to be quite thoughtful is she will take photos of my dogs and text them to me. Lori is a joy to have as a pet sitter." -Tracey in Boynton Beach 


"Thank you sooooooooo much for the Love you have always shown my babies. I wish Ms. Angel Marie was still here but she's in a better place but the boys Love you to death and look forward to you coming and taking care of them. I don't know how you do it because Boomer just pushes his way in and tries to take all the attention yet when we get home they want to follow you to the car which tells me you make them happy.  God Bless you and thank you for all the Love you show." - Wendy P.


"Thank you Laura, We love you very, very much." - Laurette B.


"Lori Is awesome with our little boy. She is reliable, compassionate and

 caring for animals and their parents :)." -Michelle W.



Professional Recomendations on Linked-in:



“If you are like my wife and I, you love your pet/pets. If you've ever wanted to take a trip or travel and would feel better having someone who cares as much as you do about the wellbeing of your pet, you'll really want to consider hiring Lori. Her extensive experience and love for all God's creatures gives her an unmistakable edge over any petsitter I've eve heard of or hired. We won't use anyone else including a veterinarian hotel. Lori is pretty good about learning the routines of how you care for your pet and brings extra attention to those things you may not know about your pet, such as buying a little catnip or toy to get the most activity out of an otherwise lazy cat for insistence, or actually washing a food and water dish before filling it up again as we do our own dishes. Her attention to detail is both kind and clean. If she stays and hoists too, she never leaves a mess and always leaves your home a bit nicer than when she came. Somehow you feel very happy coming home to happy pets and that stress you feel leaving your pets is almost nonexistent when you put your trust in Lori's, MY BFF PETSITTING SERVICE! Thanks for caring for Tika, Max, Coco, Daisy, Bobo, Ginger, Jasmine, Baby and all the others over the years Lori! We love you for great service and care!”

Top qualities:Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

1stDaniel Casey
hired Laura ("Lori") as a Pet Sitter in 2009, and hired Laura ("Lori") more than once


“Lori is the best at what she does! She has a love of animals that makes her perfect as a sitter for your pets! The pets are well cared for and, more importantly, take to Lori's energy - excited about seeing her and about spending time with her. I would recommend her to anyone needed a pet cared for. In addition, Lori has been a tremendous partner in the work we do as part of our dog rescue organization. Again, in a word, she is great!!”

Top qualities:Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

1stPeter Stanton
hired Laura ("Lori") as a pet sitting in 2008, and hired Laura ("Lori") more than once


“Lori's ability to connect with all animals is something rare and special. It's as if they have a way to communicate and understand each other!!
She is truly the animal whisperer!!!
If you need walking or in home care My BFF services with Laura Gens is the only way to go!!!!”

Top qualities:Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

1stsharon sullivan
hired Laura ("Lori") as a Pet sitter in 2010


"Lori loved and cared for my dog as if he were her own. She has a true love and compassion for all animals. Lori is trustworthy and I always felt that my pet and home were in good hands."- Terri H.

Top qualities:Great Results , Expert, High Interity

Terri hired Laura ("Lori") in 2007, and hired her more than once.


“Lori is a great match to my two dogs. Having Lori stay at my house with my pets and provide overnight pet sitting gives me peace of mind so I am able to enjoy my time away from home. My pets are like my children and Lori treats them the same way. No pets should ever have to be boarded at a facility where they are alone in a cage at night. My pets get to stay in their own home with familiar surroundings. Everyone should use a pet sitter. Use Lori!”-Gina F.

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity
hired Laura ("Lori") as a Pet Sitting in 2011, and hired Laura ("Lori") more than once

"Lori  provided reliable and trusted service in the care of our furry friends. Regular texts or emails accompanied with pictures that kept us up-to-date on our pets while we were away. We certainly recommend Lori's services for pet sitting." -Steven G.

"Ginger is SOOO happy that you are in her life. I haven't seen her so happy in a long time." -Al. V.


"Your the Best!"- Nancy V.

"Lori is dependable and truly cares for my kitty. I wish I had found her years ago for my cat sitting needs!"-Jan in Boynton Beach, FL

"How cute is my Mollie!? Thank you Laura from My BFF Pet Sitting for taking such great care of Mollie and Zoey while we were gone. Was very comfortable knowing they were in such caring hands. Mollie really did smile for the picture....lol"- Deena B. Lake Worth, FL
Boynton Beach Pet Sitting
My BFF Pet Sitting Thank you card!
My BFF is a Boynton Beach Pet Sitting service providing quality pet sitting, cat sitting, overnight pet sitting, and dog walking